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Three   Uniquely  Lascivious  Limericks


The Notorious Rhymer


 A small selection of the many limericks written under the watchful eyes of former Jethro Tull keyboard wizard, Mr Andrew Giddings,

while recording some Italian songs in Dave Pegg's studio in Barford St. Michael, Oxfordshire.




Ian's flute

A girl, who was pretty astute,

knew that Ian had many a flute.

As she liked some distraction

he put one into action

that was much more delightful and cute.






No strings attached!

This musician by name Martin Barre

once invited a girl to a bar

where he - feeling bored -

learnt the latest bar-chord

by unhooking her stiff lacy bra.







Andy on the rocks

A fan who accosted smart Andy

looked so sexy she made him feel randy.

Much to his frustration

she preferred  conversation

so he quenched his desire with brandy.





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